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Pointing the Way – Right from the Start!

Franken Plastik supplies signage solutions for energy supply companies, public facilities and industrial enterprises.


With a comprehensive portfolio of products and services.
Globally active, regionally based

Franken Plastik was founded in 1957 and is based in the heart of the Nuremberg-Fürth-Erlangen metropolitan area in the north of Bavaria. At the headquarters in Fürth, around 45 employees at the 4000 m² facility take care of the manufacturing, sales and administration of our ground-breaking identification marking solutions for public utilities, power supply companies and industrial enterprises. Our expert team of field sales representatives in Germany and our wide network of sales partners in other countries ensure that Franken Plastik can deliver an extensive range of services at local sites. We offer you personal service as an expert partner, and that is the key to our continuing success story. As we look back to our history, we see that it was the invention of our flexible signage system that first facilitated the on-site display and exchange of important information about buried valves in a fast, secure and convenient way. The system has been continuously developed since that time, and today it sets the standard worldwide. For example, we now offer the FP Smart Work & Task system for easy digitalisation of information systems.

Comprehensive Portfolio

FP opens up a world of possibilities for its customers, and not just with indicator signs and identification marking systems. When it comes to fastening options, FP can meet every requirement. Regardless of whether the sign will be fixed to a fence, a wall or a post, with or without a backing plate, as a single sign or in combination with others, we have a fastening option for every application. And that’s not all, as marker and measuring posts, as well as aluminium and steel posts in various versions, are also part of our product portfolio.

Public Utilities, Power Supply Companies, Industrial Enterprises

In addition to indicator signs for power supply companies and municipal facilities, FP has a broad range of identification marking systems for plant and power station construction projects. Our offering ranges from the Thermo-UV Sign and RFID signs to open-end clip-on signs in plastic or with a metal holder, and then on to pipeline identification marking with foils. We also have a separate division for the markers and accessories required for transport management. In addition, FP can provide complete solutions for the various different signage requirements of road maintenance companies and agencies.

Outstanding Quality Management

The International Certification Group (ICG) has certified Franken Plastik for the project management, manufacturing and installation of plant identification marking systems and signage systems. This demonstrates that FP has implemented an SGU (safety, health and environment) management system in compliance with the SCC** standard and that this system corresponds to all of the standards and regulations in the “Safety Certificate for Contractors” (SCC). The certification company “Systemcert Zertifizierungsges. m.b.H.” has certified that FP has implemented an appropriate quality management system for “plastic injection moulding, manufacturing and sales of plastic indicator signs and laser engraved signs, as well as special signage and foils for identification marking”, meaning that the standard ISO 9001:2015 has been fulfilled. You can find all of our certifications in our Downloads.

Two Specialists in One

The Franken Plastik Holdingunites two signage specialists under one umbrella: Franken Plastik (FP) and S + C SIGN CONCEPTS. With the combination of signage systems and service provision, they can provide a comprehensive offering of services and solutions for a wide range of industries and companies. The portfolio ranges from classical signage of buried pipelines to the identification marking of industrial plants, offshore facilities using sea-water-resistant signage, and on to the creation of fire brigade access plans in accordance with industry standards.