Franken Plastik ProgrammPointing the Way – Right from the Start

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Indicator signs, identification marking systems, fastening solutions and services relating to signage for municipalities, public utilities, power supply companies, traffic management operators and industrial enterprises.

Pointing the Way – Right from the Start

Our Signage Systems for Power Supply Companies, Municipalities and Public Utilities.

Franken Plastik PfostenPointing the Way – Right from the Start

Our Measuring Posts and Marker Posts

Franken Plastik ProgrammPointing the Way – Right from the Start

Our Signage Systems for Power Stations, Industrial Buildings, Refineries and Plants

Franken Plastik RFIDPointing the Way – Right from the Start

Smart Work & Task – Our Solution for Digital Maintenance

Franken Plastik StahlpfostenPointing the Way – Right from the Start

Our Screw-fixing Channel Posts and our Profiled and Smooth Aluminium and Steel Posts

Franken Plastik VerkehrPointing the Way – Right from the Start

Our Signage Systems for Transport Routes, Bridges and Constructions


Diversity instead of uniformity.
Signage systems for electricity suppliers

Every industry has its own special requirements. With more than 60 years of experience in the field of pioneering labelling systems and signage solutions, we are the first point of contact for many companies when it comes to the safe and sustainable labelling of fittings, structures or plants. We have an extensive range of signage systems and special solutions especially for electricity suppliers. Many of our signs are dyed through and are characterised by high impact strength and UV stability. They do not fade and the information cannot be scratched off. A comprehensive range of accessories and fasteners rounds off the range for energy suppliers. The FP Multi-Sign was developed especially for power distributors and transformer stations, and the FP endless plug-in sign is available for signage on lamp posts. In addition, there is a wide range of special solutions for practically every application. You can find more information here (PDF document).


Products & Sectors

Franken Plastik
Pointing the Way – Right from the Start

Franken Plastik’s signage systems have been pointing the way for many different applications and industries for more than 50 years. With FP as a partner, public utilities, power supply companies and industrial enterprises are always on the safe side, regardless of whether their requirement is for pipeline or valve identification marking, lamppost signs, disposal site signage or industrial and plant marking systems. FP’s product portfolio excels through use of the best materials, easy handling and versatility. In addition to indicator signs for power supply companies and municipalities, FP also has a broad range of products for industrial plant and power station marking systems. The complete offering ranges from Thermo UV signs and RFID signs to open-end clip-on signs made of plastic or with metal holders, and on to pipeline signage with foils. The same applies to transport routes, streets and motorways, bridges, railways and buildings – in each field of application, Franken Plastik supplies innovative solutions that have proven their worth. Last but not least, with FP Smart Work & Task, Franken Plastik also provides you with a digital solution for maintenance processes in cable or pipeline networks.

Connectivity for Signage 4.0.

Franken Plastik’s identification marking systems can easily be enhanced with QR codes, EAN codes or RFID transponders to integrate them in existing information systems.

Our marking systems are suitable for many areas

Municipalities & Public Utilities

Plant Construction

Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Refineries

Alternative Energy & Biogas

Airport & Traffic

Offshore Wind/Wave Farms

A/C & Cooling Systems


Safety marking

Fire protection documentation

Object identification

NEW: The Hydrant Protective Hood
The smart solution to provide protection during events

The benefits:

  • The hydrant shaft is completely covered, thus preventing any contamination
  • The reflective surfaces make it highly visible, even at night (accident prevention)
  • The simple design makes it easy to install
  • The hoods can be stacked up to save space during transportation
  • The manhole cover can be hidden under the hood
  • The hood is hard-wearing and 100% recyclable